The lake of No Return

People well know about the Bermuda, which is the nightmare place and it was no way to return back with full of amazing surprise. Because the planes and the ships which across this area are lost without reasoning and without some pieces. [ads] Can you believe if one of the Bermuda lake was exit in […]

World Happiness Country

Bhutan, a small landlocked country in South Asia and located at the east of the Himalayas mountain and the official name is the Kingdom of Bhutan. Border with India on East, West and South and border with China on North. Most of people trope that Bhutan is one of the country that to stay peaceful […]

Tattoo in Face

Especially, people usually used to paint or write tattoo on every part of their bodies, but it is very rare for the face with to lost the natural beautiful face. Have you ever seen those people? They were called Chin women and one of the amazing races of the Nationality of Myanmar. They lived in […]