The lake of No Return or Bermuda Lake

People well know about the Bermuda, which is the nightmare place and it was no way to return back with full of amazing surprise. Because the planes and the ships which across this area are lost without reasoning and without some pieces.

Can you believe if one of the Bermuda lake was exit in Myanmar? Actually, it has and located at the Border between Myanmar and India near the Sagaing State of Naga race. It was called as Naung Yang Inn by local people and world well known as the lake of No Return. It was full of amazing for people.

It was located Indian- Chines- Myanmar Highway Road (or) beside of Ledo Road, formerly called Stilwell Road to carry the arms and equipment during World War II. According the records data, many of allies planes lost at this lake’ area. Actually, the planes are crash into the lake. The next case was Japan Army, dozens of Japan soldiers were died at there.

The officers of Allies ordered to some assistants to investigate about this lake, but those people are also strangely lost and strangely died at there and they never return back. In 1942, the British soldiers were lost and sink for the deep mud. The author said, there had one of the Israel races.
The local people are believed that lake was guard by Giant Sprit and free from fishes into this lake. According the myths that this lake is related to the dragon. According the Researchers said that the cause of the crash was that the pilots had fallen to the ground in an emergency.

According those nightmare evidences, people called this lake as Burmese Bermuda or the lake of No Return. It is 1.4 km wide for length and 0.8 km wide. India border way is more easier way to arrive and many tourists are visit there in every year.

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