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Bhutan, a small landlocked country in South Asia and located at the east of the Himalayas mountain and the official name is the Kingdom of Bhutan. Border with India on East, West and South and border with China on North.
Most of people trope that Bhutan is one of the country that to stay peaceful country in the Asian and roll number 5 of country in the world.

Why is famous like that?
This Bhutan is rich in the natural setting of nature and keeping own culture butthis city success both social and economy. Although its terra was very rough for farmer but ther are success in agriculture.


The King and people of Bhutan are very peaceful people. The people are keeping their traditional till now. The city who are royal family and the population are a little over one Million. Thimphu that city has no traffic light ( amazing).The place which is called as Tashicho Dzong with full of amazing ancient achitucture over 700 years.The world’s biggest Broze Buddha Statue (167 feet) are located at Bhutan .The Air Port which is the world’s difficult to arrive .

Incredible amazing of Bhutan is modernization. They create the way for modernization with Buddha’s teaching. The interested things is Bhutan make only gross national happiness – GNH , not for gross national product – GNP. They keep their traditional culture with human right. They empharsize the emotional development among today.
Most of people are educated in both local and foregin but finally the techinion are come back to their mother city.

Within 10 years, only one criminal case in there. That case is “ ride the shoes into the monestry” . According the buddisdm culture, people have to avoid riding their shoes, slippers, snadle into the monestry.
We would like to share the love story of Bhutan King, when he was 17 years old, he went sightseeing around the country with his people. At that time, he saw a girl who was 7 years. He love her and he promise when she become adult, if she didn’t got married, the king will marry her. When she became adult espically on 21 years old, the King married her. According the love story, we learn all of Bhutan people are keep their promise, culture, education and other with positive attidue.


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