General Knowledge for Amazing Hotels in the world

There are many amazing hotels in the world, although all of the hotels are fully facilities for guests, but these hotels are amazing for guests because of those keep in touch with the nature and reality feeling to guests. According the investigative hobby of human, the hotel business owners are always creating the modern design and other design.

Below those hotels are amazing and attractive for guests
Giraffe Manor, it is small hotel and located at the Nairobi, Kenya and it is the African Wildlife hotel that why the traveler and guest very attractive. It is far from 10 miles outside of the Nairobi’s chaotic city center, it is the peacefulness oasis of Giraffe Manor. The sunset view of Ngong Hills is so surprised and amazing views for guests. The main attractive factor of Giraffe Manor is Having the meal with very kindness and clever Giraffe. That why if you want to feel wonderful and beautiful memory, you should go there if you have chance.

The Conrad Hilton, located at on Rangali Island of the Maldives and one of the coolest hotels of the Maldives. The attractive of Conrad Hilton is glass flooring, private freshwater pools with dolphins for underwater world experiences when you rest there. You can see dolphins, shark and amazing beauty of coral at there.

Dhara Dhevj Resort is one of the Thailand hotels with full of the influence Asian culture especially the royal palace feeling of Thai. One of the attractive and favorite is Spa. The live show of riding the water buffalo, and cooking classes of master chefs are bringing you to feel as adventure.
Londolozi Tree Camp – Wildlife camp and it will take you the nature and amazing feeling of wildlife culture because it was located at the Kruger National Park. Being Wildlife camp, if you dare not to see the wildlife animals, you should think before you go there. When you take a bath into the bath tap in the morning, you can see the elephants and cow walking. You can also see the rare leopards and large cats of safari.

We would like to suggest that if you have a chance and take a tour touch with nature and wildlife, you should go these amazing hotels.

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