Amazing women who paints Tattoo on their face

Especially, people usually used to paint or write tattoo on every part of their bodies, but it is very rare for the face with to lost the natural beautiful face. Have you ever seen those people? They were called Chin women and one of the amazing races of the Nationality of Myanmar.
They lived in the Chin state. This habit (tattoo on the face) is the traditional culture.

How do you think, those face’s tattoo?
According the words of mouth history, the ancient Chin women are paint on tattoo on their face because they want to prevent the danger and escape from the King. The ancient kings are taking a tour for sightseeing, and they usually offer the beautiful girls as their wives. That why Chin women are take the tattoo on their faces as traditional culture. Nowadays these behaviors and culture are rare and you can see it on the few Chin women.
Other words of mouth history, this behavior is to prevent from the rape from other. But it is for not all of Chin women, only a few people.
The local name of facing tattoo called Par Ye and the processing of tattoo as below,

This is the process of Southern Chin state tattoo,
Firstly, they have to grind the “Nalike Leaf” Local name and combine with smoke. After received the black liquid and used thorn on the face. They usually do these habits on the winter season.
The start point is forehead and the difficult places are lip, eyelids and the edge of eyelids.

After taking the tattoo on women face, there of full of blood on the whole face. And the wipe with towel and apply the black ink on the face. Message with leaf boiled water on tumefy face. The women have to stay at the mosquito net for 7 days to protect the acrid smell.
So, Chin women are bravely women in the world .

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