Why Mandaly Hill is tourist attractive place?

We know that the Mandalay Hill is the natural watch-tower to watch sunrise or sunset over the city plains for the visitors. Mandalay Hill located at the northeast of the city center of Mandalay in Myanmar and which peak is 230 m above the surrounding plain.
Mandalay Hill be aware for its riches of pagodas and monasteries. This hill is a major pilgrimage site for nearly two centuries. The Sutaungpyei (literally wish-fulfilling) Pagoda located at the top of the hill built by King Anawratha in 414 Myanmar Era.At the latter, the successive KonBaung Kings were repaired this pagoda. On the platform of Pagoda, You can analysis documentary photos of Mandalay hill.

We can reach to the entrance of escalator of the hill by driving car from the archway of Mandalay hill. Furthermore the stairways are being constructed from the bottom to top of the hill which you can climb at ease and rest as you go up the stairway. It takes to climb about 30 minutes, sometime it can be much longer if you rest in the en route. There was one adage among Myanmar people that is “if you want to live long, you take refuge in the environs of Mandalay hill”. Because of Hill climbing by foot is good for health.

Mandalay is the ancient capital of Myanmar and anybody who came to the Mandalay usually goes to Mandalay Hill (the landmark of Mandalay). The nine satellite hills called the Ngwe Taung ( the Silver Hill ), the Myin Thila Taung ( the Hill of Arsenic trisulphide ), the Shwe Taun(The Golden Hill), the Paddamya Taung ( the Ruby Hill ), the Dokhta Hill ( the Hill of Blue vitriol), the Ye-hle Taung ( the Hill of Whirling Water), the Hse-dan Taung ( the Hill of Arsenious trisulphide), the Kye-ni Hill ( the Copper Hill ) and the Baluma Taung ( the Hill of the Ogress ) are surround the Mandalay Hill.
Like a Tower given naturally, the Mandalay Hill offers an all-encompassing perspective over the Golden City of Mandalay.

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