Great wall, Knowledge for the world wonder of China

There are many world wonder things in the world, the Great Wall which is one of the famous and highlight tour destination in China. It was the longest one and located at the northern border of China, and called as a series of fortification systems to protect the Xiong-nu and consolidate areas of China. It is start from the east Shan-hai-guan to west about 4000 Miles (6400 Kilometers). Lop Nur of 21,196 kmQin long and one of UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the landmark of China and almost all of the Kings of China were maintained and rebuilt again and again.

King of Qin Shi Huang who one of the is wisdom and powerful king in China History, according his decision, people built long wall as a court-yard. Chines kings are usually used to built the wall after annexation for other state and to grow and extend their empire. BC 206 and AD 220, within the Han dynasty, they built Great wall to protect Silk Road and finished at Min dynasty (1368-1644).

It was spent many labors sourcing, not only general worker but also it was included the criminal prisons. To be different between normal worker and the prisoners, the prisoners were shaved the hair, were covered with black paint on their faces and locked with chain on their hands and foots.

There are 3 Million of people were died to built it. So, it was famous for lost and died people ancient project. At the project was built with stone and the later it was built by brick that why the handcraft are different. It was look like the Dragon’s back side and built by troughing the forest, ranges, desert and grass field. The great wall end at the Bohai, Qinhuangdao of Shanghaiguan.

Our world is full of amazing and attractive things, this great wall is also and landmark of China. General Knowledge of the world.

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