Biography of Weather Forecast Professor Dr.Tun Lwin

He was born on 17 January of 1948 at Ngan Zun village. His father name is U Thein Maung and Mother name is Daw Aye Gyi. He is one of the eldest of two siblings.
He passed High school in 1964, received the Mathematics Symposium (Gold Award) for All Burma. In 1965, On May 3, he was as a junior clerk at the Meteorological Department in Mandalay. He got Bachelor of Science (Physics in Physics) with great success. In 1971, he got the B.Sc (Physics) degree. Although he had a chance for tutor at University, but he choice his Meteorological Department work.

He was sent to Florida State University in 1973 and after two years of 1975, he got B.Sc degree and went to Florida for second time to attend for a master’s degree in science.

In 1989, he also received a Master of Science (Weather) degree from the University, and was awarded a three-year doctoral fellowship by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. But he did not attend. It is now a doctoral dissertation in that subject. In 2003, he received the Second Industrial Award.

In 2006, he was responsible as permanent member of the International Meteorological and Hydrological Association. In 2007, he chaired the Asian Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Council. Dr Tun Lwin has been working as a weather reporter since 1980, when he was the director and CEO, Myanmar Climate Change Watch.
Why he was lovely person of Burmese people, the main point is he was well-known for being open to the news.

In 2006, according his talents and experiences he become the president of (Asian Disaster Preparedness Centre, ADPC.
In May of 2008, Myanmar people suffer from the Cyclone Nargis especially the people who are from Delta Region. This Nargis Cyclone is the lost and died people in Myanmar History and scare and nightmare for people.
At that time, Burmese people blamed him for the weather news. Why Mr.Tun Lwin announced for prevention and escape from Cyclone. Actually, people miss understand. At that time, in Myanmar the Military Government handle period, that why the government hide the details of Cyclone to the public. So many people were died. This period is the unforgettable for Mr.Tun Lwin’s Life.

He was died on 4 Nov 2019. He was the star who was shining for Burmese People.

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