Why South Korea famous in the world? Asian Movie City

This article is about South Korea, is one of the countries in East Asia. The nation is flanked by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) toward the north. It possesses the southern bit of the Korean promontory. The name Korea gets from the name Goryeo. The name Goryeo itself was first utilized by the old kingdom of Goguryeo in the fifth century as an abbreviated type of its name.
The capital city and largest metropolis of South Korea is South Korea is Seoul. As a result of with its long history, the Seoul Capital Area contains five UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Changdeok Palace, Namhansanseong, Hwaseong Fortress, the Royal Tombs of the Joseon Dynasty and Jongmyo Shrine. A short time ago, Seoul has been a major site of modern architectural construction – significant current tourist spots incorporate the N Seoul Tower, the Lotte World Tower, the IFC Seoul, Trade Tower, the Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Lotte World, COEX, and the 63 Building.

Korea is famous as the birthplace of K-pop and the Korean Wave. We can recognize that Seoul is the world’s 9th most visited city and 4th largest earner in tourism because of Seoul received over 10 million international visitors in 2014. There are many attractive thing to visit South Korea. If you visit to the South Korea, you should never forget most attractions sights. Your trip wouldn’t be complete if you ignore these attractions in South Korea. So Let me explore the best attractive things in South Korea.
Initially I would like to say about the Gyeongbokgung Palace, was built in 1395, the first and largest of the royal palaces built during the Joseon Dynasty. At the latter, The Korean government has invested a lot of time, money and effort into rebuilding, restoring, and maintaining the palace for future generations.Peoples who visit to Gyeongbokgung can also visit the the National Folk Museum of Korea and National Palace Museum of Korea because of they are located on the palace grounds.
Another many attractive sights are Jeonju Hanok Maeul (traditional wooden homes), Leeum Samsung Museum of Art – Korea’s premier art gallery , Seongsan Ilchul-bong – one of Jeju-do’s most impressive sights and Changdeokgung – the most beautiful of Seoul’s five main palaces.

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